7 Questions to Ask A Carpet Cleaning Company

7 Questions to Ask A Carpet Cleaning Company

A carpet cleaning company may look fantastic at 1st glance with its great deals, cheap prices & professional-looking technicians. But a carpet cleaning company is a business 1st and foremost & is out to earn profits. Cheaper prices may result in low quality & professional-looking technicians may basically have no idea what they’re doing. So how do you choose a good quality carpet cleaning company? Finding the answers to a couple of direct questions can simply help you gauge the quality of a company’s service.

Here are 7 questions which you should ask any carpet cleaner company before hiring them:

1. Do you guarantee your services in writing?
It is important that a carpet cleaning company guarantees its services in writing. A written agreement will make sure they follow through on their guarantees.

2. Do you provide written estimates?
Most carpet cleaning company services will provide you a free quote/estimate on a job. Do not hire anyone who does not provide this service

3. Do you utilize a truck-mounted system?
A legitimate carpet cleaning company will use a truck-mounted cleaning device. Whatever less than a truck-mounted device may be no more efficient than a common vacuum cleaner.

4. Are your technicians certified by the IICRC?
Certified by the IICRC (Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) is basically the equivalent of a degree in carpet cleaning. If a carpet cleaning company does not require their experts be IICRC qualified, consider searching elsewhere.

5. Does the company have a business license?
Ensure that the company has a business licensed in your town. This allows signal that the organization is a locally founded business in the community.

6. Does the company use Green Cleaning?
Green Cleaning is a phrase that describes the use of eco-friendly ingredients which continue to maintain human health & ecological balance. Green cleaning methods & products avoid the use of harmful substances.

7. Are your technicians insured?
Be sure that the carpet cleaning company you’re hiring is insured & will manage any injury cases which may occur with its workers.

If you ask these 7 questions & do a little research on the side, you will not be outsmarted by any carpet cleaning salesperson just trying to clean out your pockets.