Microscopic creatures

Microscopic creatures are often the cause of many kinds of sickness or Allergy. Lots of Australians are Allergic to a little bug known as Dust Mites. These results to cause Cold for a significant period and may even Asthma.

Though Medication can always help, but preventing it is a much better option and there are some ways for it. The symptoms from the Dust allergy are quite similar to pollen ones:

• Itching, Runny and also Stuffy Nose.
• Sneezing.
• Red, itchy as well as watery eyes.

How to prevent these symptoms?

The easiest and the efficient way is to wane the exposure to dust. Dust Mites often get attached to the dirty mattresses, furniture’s and also the beddings too. You should start by removing dust from the bedroom first because you pass your time there mostly.


• Pillows that should be used are made of polyester fibers rather than those of kapok or feathers.
• Also use Airtight and plastic dust-mite covers over the pillows, mattresses as well as box springs.


• Clean the carpets using a vacuum cleaner at least once or twice a week.

• Also vacuum the upholstered furniture’s. For dust allergies using wood, leather, plaster or metal furniture are better.

• Stuffed animals, soft toys and other dust collectors are probably the worst for allergies and you should consider throwing them out.

• The bare floors should be cleaned either with a Damp cloth or mop.

• The rugs or throw rugs should be washed in hot water.

• The drapes should be replaced Replace drapes with roll-up window shades. If you must have curtains, wash them in hot water each season.

• The mattresses, rugs and carpets should be cleaned with steam cleaner.

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