Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Carpet cleaning could be a difficult and exhausting task. However, it is important to maintaining a neat & clean home. Although professional help is available, it is essential that one knows how to keep their carpets clean & long-lasting.

Keep It Dry                  

When you are going to clean your carpet make sure to dry your carpet thoroughly. Moisture stuck in the carpet can motivate mold & bacteria growth that can distribute to your flooring surfaces as well as asthmatic or aggravate allergic reactions in family members & guests.

Use Club Soda or Water

Only apply water or club soda to clean spots on your carpets. Club soda is a natural product which can eliminate even the harsh stains of fruit juice & red wine spills. It works as a stain remover which instantly lifts stains & returns your carpet to the way it was previously. In addition, it leaves behind no deposits, the way spray items do.

Move Furniture

You want to ensure that you get all those difficult to reach areas, so shifting or moving furniture around, you eventually lengthen the life of your carpet by preventing permanent dents in the padding underneath.

Vacuum the Carpet in Different Directions         

This little trick enables you to eliminate dust particles & ground-in soil from all edges this is better because it agitates the individual fibres of the carpet and loosens dust & dirt more efficiently. Constantly operating the vacuum cleaner in the same direction can trap dust & dirt in the deeper layers of your carpet so vaccuming in different directions will help loosen dust and dirt.

These simple but fantastic carpet cleaning tips and tricks that will help you to keep your carpet clean and looking new.